Lack of Concentration and Depression

Posted on April 03, 2018

Depression not only can make people feel down and out but also it can affect their ability to focus or concentrate. Members say that their depression can make it so that they can’t focus on finishing tasks at work, paying attention to what someone has said, or remembering to pick up something for dinner. Sometimes the medications people take to treat their depression can have the side effect of making it harder focus or concentrate.

On MyDepressionTeam, the social network and online support group for those living with depression, members talk about a range of personal experiences and struggles. Having trouble concentrating and doing what needs to get done is one of the frequently discussed topics.

Here are a few question-and-answer threads about having trouble concentrating or focusing:

Does anyone find it hard to focus and memorize?

Who else suffers from memory loss?

Anyone experiencing side effects of long-term use of psych medication, such as confusion, forgetfulness, etc.?

Here are some conversations about having trouble concentrating or focusing:

Have had a change in my medication and brain is less foggy. I am feeling better than I have for a while.

I have been on my med for a year but lately can't make decisions, can't focus. Anyone else had this?

I came into work and realized I had forgotten my I.D. badge! I have been really forgetful lately...

When I'm in the grips of depression-no concentration, and an unruly brain that won't stay on task.

Can you relate?

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