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Just had my first pristiq 50mg generic brand, at 7.30am, its 10 hrs later, first few hours felt weirdly woozy and nauseous, less sure of anything than ever (I've read all the reviews saying it's not as good as brand) now I feel weirdly focussed, determined and almost invincible?? (like on a non legal drug) I'm feeling my fear of being alone completely disappearing, and I walked through a busy market place (like a mall) with my head held high with determination but no random anger/sadness, I jumped out of… read more

posted about 8 hours ago by A MyDepressionTeam User

Wow thats great to hear

posted about 6 hours ago

Does anyone take venlaxtine 75mg

Iv been on theses tablets few months they upped my dose 75mg in morning and take one at night i dont like taking them my head go all foggy just dnt feel right on them

posted 1 day ago by A MyDepressionTeam User
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When I was on Venlafaxine 20 years ago it was still called Effexor and it was incredibly expensive. It not only caused severe nausea, but insomnia as… read more

posted about 14 hours ago

Struggling with my working hours....

I work for a food delivery company, delivering restaurant food to customers after they order it. My hours are kind of erratic -- I currently work 5 days a week -- my day starts at 11 am, and I am usually done by 9 pm. However, my problem is that the work hours are dependent on when people feel hungry, so that impacts how much time I sit around waiting for that to happen. I try to take care of things at home in between the calls for delivery, and have been averaging… read more

tags: Ability to work

posted 2 days ago by A MyDepressionTeam User

Can anyone in my area recommend a psychiatrist?

I'm in Michigan in the metro detroit area. My family doctor is recommending that I get re-evaluated. The last one is now too far away and did not really help much. I suffer with severe depression, generalized mood disorder, and anxiety.

posted 3 days ago by A MyDepressionTeam User
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Wish i could help u

posted about 6 hours ago

I have insomnia. But not sure if from medication cause been like this for couple 4 years and been on zoloft since at yiung age

posted 3 days ago by A MyDepressionTeam User
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I take Sertraline (Zoloft) and am awake every night till the small hours, then tired all day because of it. Have a drug review coming and am going to… read more

posted 1 day ago

Ice cube pouch to relief anxiety ?

I had swallowing in my jaw so I was uesing ice pouch on my jaw and I started uesing it by chance on the back of my neck and on the top of my head it really calmed my anxiety did any one heard about that.

posted 4 days ago by A MyDepressionTeam User
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i have not heard about it but i think its a useful thing to try, thank you.

posted 2 days ago
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