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how to cope with depression?

I have an ex boyfriend who is a bestfriend to me but he has depression and i wondering how to help him out when he starts to shutdown or does happen shutdown for a while cause i do worry about him when he does shutdown for a while

posted about 1 hour ago by A MyDepressionTeam User

Losing friends

I get on really well with people when I am in front of them. I find that I loose contact with people who I thought were really good friends. I am fed up with my anxiety and depression stopping me from having friends. I am in college at the moment and I feel like I don’t fit in. I feel like I am not meant to have friends. I look at my sisters and all the friends they have and I feel like I have done something wrong in life.

posted about 3 hours ago by A MyDepressionTeam User

Depression sucks

I am going through a lot right now. I am going through a divorce after my husband cheated on me. And I left CA to move to VA to live with my parents and had to leave my dog. How do I try to look on the bright side

posted 2 days ago by A MyDepressionTeam User
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hey hun i know how the divorce thing goes its a big struggle trust me. but with in time things will shure get better. i want lie yes every now and then… read more

posted about 23 hours ago

I have been on zoloft for years but need more motivation. Wellbutrin and stims send me flying with just a low dose. Any suggestions?

I need to add something that will give a motivational boost. I wish there was a med that evenly balanced the neurotransmitters.

posted 3 days ago by A MyDepressionTeam User

I would recommend venlafaxine ([[treatment:Effexor):57ad1bd3e1f26a257100037a]]). I'm on 300 mg/day and it's not interfering with any other functions or… read more

posted about 19 hours ago

Anyone have experiences with Geodon as an adjunct med for depression and anxiety?

I just recently found a new psychiatrist and did Genesight genetic testing to determine what meds might work best for me. I’ve suffered from PTSD, OCD, severe depression, and anxiety for most of my life and have been on and off so many medications with no real lasting benefits. The genetic testing revealed that I have a gene mutation called MTHFR which basically has a huge effect on how my body is able or not able to metabolize… read more

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Hi! I know how hard and scary it is when playing with your meds. It’s such a guessing game! I have been on Geodon in the past and I felt much calmer on… read more

posted 4 days ago

Has anyone come off effexor (or another ssri or snri )quickly?

I'm in hospital and they pdoc is making dramatic changes to my meds. I'm being taken off effexor quickly to switch to an old tricyclic and I'm worried about the withdrawal. They say it won't be too bad butI've read in online forums it can be hellish.
What have any of folks experienced??

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posted 4 days ago by A MyDepressionTeam User
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@A MyDepressionTeam User. Maple leaf i went a few yrs bak 2 a huge world wide conference in Hobart & one of the huge seminars was on "Surf'n the… read more

posted about 6 hours ago

not shure if this is good question

i have been trying to get prego for over the past few months and nothing i have tried seems to be helping. I struggle with having pcos and i know they told me my chances would be high of ever having a child. but i got prego back in November 2016 and lost the baby in december/..... is there anyone on here that can point me in some type of direction that could possibly help me out.? i would really appreciate it. Thanks

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posted 5 days ago by A MyDepressionTeam User

Dating someone with depression

I’m dating someone with depression and i’ve tried to learn more about it so i thought id get some advice from people who also struggle from it.. i have severve anxiety and abandonment issurs delux, i was diagnosed with depression and stopped taking my 20mg Nuzak after about a month and a half/ 2 months.. hes got the worst kind you can get and all i want is to be there and support him but he breaks up with me and says hes not good enough about every 3 months and ot completely… read more

posted 5 days ago by A MyDepressionTeam User
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It's going to be hard. You have to always be there for him even when he says not to be. He may say things that hurt, but understand -- and I think you… read more

posted 1 day ago

How do you cope with not feeling self confident about your self?

im stuck in the situation where i feel like im not good enough, and that im not really that beautiful. Any helpful tips to try and make myself seem a little better?

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posted 6 days ago by A MyDepressionTeam User
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yeah i have tried that but its hard when someone tells you almost everytime yall have a arguement that im nothing but inmuture and act like a 12 year… read more

posted 5 days ago
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