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how do I go about opening up about my mental health to my family?

I have major depression and I might be bipolar, it's been 4 years and the only person that knows about my mental health is my boyfriend. I haven't opened up to any of my family members, but I'm on now the verge of losing my mind and I think I should tell someone but I don't know how to, I grew up in a family of emotionally strong individuals who don't usually talk about things and sweeps things under the rug, so I adopted that I have always buried… read more

posted about 20 hours ago by A MyDepressionTeam User

I can relate to what you are saying. I too come from a family that appears strong and in control all the time. That was how I grew up and how I've lived… read more

posted about 18 hours ago

Neuropathy and liver tumors

In starting to get EXTREMELY anxious about going to the podiatrist Friday. Have all symptoms, of neuropathy, start of it in my feet, calves, hands, arms and shoulders.

Tomorrow I have to go for a CT scan of my stomach/ liver, looking for tumors.

What a bang up week I am having.

edited, originally posted 1 day ago by A MyDepressionTeam User
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Yes I can, and I will!!!

posted about 11 hours ago

Medications? Who's on what medications and do they work for you??

posted 2 days ago by A MyDepressionTeam User
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Only on baby Aspirin and I take the odd Advil on occasion and nothing else

posted 1 day ago

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

Im a very quiet person who isn't easy to open up about my challenges, I have reach a state where I can't sleep after taking a sleeping tablet, do you think I'll be a good candidate for CBT ? I don't wanna waste my time and the time of provider

posted 2 days ago by A MyDepressionTeam User
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it is if you can force yourself to talk and challenge the thought distortions and core beliefs but you have to willing to talk as it is for most of the… read more

posted about 20 hours ago

does anyone else here drink alchohol with their meds

Just wondering if anyone else here finds comfort in the bottom of a bottle, when having a really down episode,
Or does anyone drink to make them feel better, or just to get some sleep, if so whats your poison?

tags: Alchohol concoxtions Chronic Insomnia feeling good factor over drinking tipple alchohol excess nightcap

posted 2 days ago by A MyDepressionTeam User
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Can't drink more than a 1/4 glass of alcohol anymore as it messes with my med's and I get a hangover the next day. Bummer

posted about 12 hours ago


I have been given Winthrop Citaliprom 20mg side effects were overtaking my body, now my Dr has changed me to Cilift (generic n trade name? ) what should I expect ? I'm still taking 20mg

posted 2 days ago by A MyDepressionTeam User
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Hiya Celexa,

I've been on 40mg Cilift for about 6 years and it helps me a lot. I weaned myself off of it over a period of 3 weeks in November 2013 and… read more

posted 1 day ago

Can Venlafaxine become less effective over a long period of time?

I'm talking about a period of 10 years or so.

tags: Venlafaxine long term effectiveness

posted 2 days ago by A MyDepressionTeam User
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Thank you for this. Mine has added Mirtazapine and I do notice a considerable difference thank goodness. I appreciate your sharing this as I thought it… read more

posted about 2 hours ago

How do you plan exercise, knowing that it could be sabotaged by negative thinking

posted 2 days ago by A MyDepressionTeam User
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Do something you genuinely enjoy for its own sake. I've found that cycling or swimming for example if you don't enjoy them become tedious done just for… read more

posted 2 days ago

Local team members

I would like to possably get together with other local bipolar members but I don't how to go about setting anything Up or anyone is interested. I'd like some feedback

posted 3 days ago by A MyDepressionTeam User

Well were here

posted about 17 hours ago
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