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Was Wondering On Anyone's Bad Days Do They Ever Feel Numb Inside?
A MyDepressionTeam Member asked a question 💭

Hard to describe this but I mean like does anyone feel numb at times but just carries on with daily life. Like as if you don't want to do anything. You feel nothing but no point explaining to anyone knowing they won't understand as they haven't been through depression and that?

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A MyDepressionTeam Member

I agree. Some days I really wonder what’s wrong with me. Some terrible things can happen in the world and I don’t care. I have learned to livewith this numbness everyday. It’s either being like… read more

Wellbutrin. Negative Effects For Anyone Else!?
A MyDepressionTeam Member asked a question 💭

Hi. I'm really needing support right now Has anyone here had a really negative effect(s) on Wellbutrin ER? I'm experiencing weight gain, crying ( I am not someone that cries unless I'm angry or severely depressed). I feel empty, like I'm nothing. The first part of the year I was doing well, lost weight, cut bad food out of my diet. But ever since my third month on this I've gone back to eating too much and then guilt and I relapsed back into sh after three months without it. I've gone off of… read more

A MyDepressionTeam Member

@A MyDepressionTeam Member when you say hallucinations can you elaborate. I think I might be going through that lately. But not sure if it’s my eyesight getting worse or what.

How Do I Feel Better About Someone Judging Me Over My Families Actions?
A MyDepressionTeam Member asked a question 💭

Last Saturday my boyfriend was invited to a family function at my uncles house. My dad is an alcoholic which he was well aware of. But my dad got drunk and fell down infront of him. He is also a vegetarian and my family eats meat and he says he didn't fit in with my family and for those reasons he wants to break up. Then he changed his mind and says he needs a few days of space away from me because I come with my family and he needs some time to think about the relationship. I am feeling so… read more

A MyDepressionTeam Member

Why does it always have to be difficult? I wish someone would have told me just do what makes you happy
Does he try to help you
Its hard being alone, but there may be someone who respects you and… read more

How Do I Try To To Get Better Without Using Meds?
A MyDepressionTeam Member asked a question 💭

i've been on here for a little while trying to find help and recently ive been moving between psychologists but i've just been like this since about i was 8 and when i was diagnosed officially in july ive trying to get better but it doesn't help and before i was diagnosed i knew something was wrong i honestly hated honestly being alive and alls i did when i would be at school is hide in the library listening to music and just reading but when i wasn't there i hold myself up in my room and rarely… read more

A MyDepressionTeam Member

I find walking in nature alone with Hod helps. There is an meditation application called Abide that I listen to before bed

What Does It Mean To Cry For No Reason?
A MyDepressionTeam Member asked a question 💭

I find myself watching tv & my mind isn't really watching it & I will start crying uncontrollably for no reason. Is there a way to stop this crying so much when I don't even know why or what I'm crying about?

A MyDepressionTeam Member

You've been extremely quiet lately, Strawberry.
Doing OK or issues??

How Do You Find Love Again, When You Have Been Depressed For So Long?
A MyDepressionTeam Member asked a question 💭

Background info: I've been depressed for over 25 years, was married, and had 2kids. I have been alone for over 16 years now, and can't believe that someone would even want to be with me. For all my shortcomings, depression and lack of self esteem. My kids mean the world to me, but they are older now and moving on with their own lives. I'm scared, terrified and afraid to even want to get close to someone male. I don't want just sex, i want a relationship. One that isn't one sided, on my… read more

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A MyDepressionTeam Member

Someone told me this a few years ago & could not understand what was meant, but now understand & am feeling really good about myself, so much that I am now ready to take that step forward & find that… read more

Has Anyone Ever Felt
A MyDepressionTeam Member asked a question 💭

Has anyone ever felt unwanted or unloved by someone? Or that you are not enough for that person?

A MyDepressionTeam Member

i sometimes feel like that

A MyDepressionTeam Member asked a question 💭

I read over and over about people like us crying a lot. I’ve never been able to, as far back as I can remember. It’s not that it bothers me so much . I just don’t understand it. I was just told my favorite fur baby died this morning. Not a tear. Not much feeling. In fact almost a feeling of relief , one less thing to have to care about. I can feel my mother watching me for something. I guess I’ll have to give her some kinda reaction so she’ll feel I’m grieving.
Kinda sick huh.

A MyDepressionTeam Member

I have fear and anxiety over future events that I should cry at that I won't be able to.

Does Any Of You Exprience Chronic Fatigue That Makes It Hard To Have Enough Energy To Function Properly An Do Things You Once Could?
A MyDepressionTeam Member asked a question 💭

Hey, do you ever feel that way
I feel really heavy often and I lack the energy to even converse with people
When I play sports I run out of breath very quickly and I used to be a competitive athlete with amazing cardio.
I've done all the tests out there and keep going back to my GP and my doc what else can we test and do about it.
Of course all th tests came back negative. It's been lasting for about 3 years now and is so debilitating. I also feel slow and sluggish often.
Do you… read more

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A MyDepressionTeam Member

I totally feel this way all the times I don’t even g out side sometimes it is delineating sometime

Does Anyone Else Here Drink Alchohol With Their Meds
A MyDepressionTeam Member asked a question 💭

Just wondering if anyone else here finds comfort in the bottom of a bottle, when having a really down episode,
Or does anyone drink to make them feel better, or just to get some sleep, if so whats your poison?

A MyDepressionTeam Member

I did drink on my meds but found it counter productive. But I drank frequently and a lot. I think doc Ii Al drinking and limiting your consumption is ok, if your able to do that v Ii wasn't… read more