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Do You All Know You Can Counter Your Depression With EXERCISE?

A MyDepressionTeam Member asked a question 💭

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), getting regular physical activity can make you less likely to develop depression. Exercising three to five times weekly for 30 to 60 minutes can provide mental health benefits because exercise is a good way to get "out of your head" and focus on moment-to-moment sensations, such as your breathing and movements?

posted February 8, 2019
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A MyDepressionTeam Member

Yes.. after my last severe episode, I got back into the gym..
My psychiatrist has advised me excercise for me is just as important as taking medications..
I went 5 weeks without going to gym, depression and suicidal thoughts came back.
Been back in gym 3 weeks no suicidal thoughts.

posted March 28, 2019
A MyDepressionTeam Member

depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain,I am born with it,I walk everywhere everyday and workout with weights, bike, you name it more than the average person and eat well and still have it.Exercise does help for sure and is important but it deosnt stop you from getting depression.

posted February 23, 2019
A MyDepressionTeam Member

When I’m depressed I can’t exercise but when I feel good I like to exercise and that makes me feel better about myself. Exercise is one way I have control of myself

posted February 14, 2019
A MyDepressionTeam Member

I agree with most of the comments, but must also point out that it often happens that depression becomes a "comfort zone", especially when we don't want to do something. Then we "find it difficult" to drum up the energy to commit to something...

posted February 8, 2019
A MyDepressionTeam Member

when I had my major depression episode I was exercising everyday walking doing weights and wham it just I disagree with exercise stopping it from happening. it did not help while I was in the midst of it either... it helps now to keep me motivated...

posted March 3, 2019

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