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May I Ask For Peaple With Bipolar And Anxiety What Treatment They On ?

May I Ask For Peaple With Bipolar And Anxiety What Treatment They On ?

I am in my late 40s ,and I considering to ask my my doctor to put me on medication or ECT ,but I am terrified from the side effects,especially I don't have support system and there is family dependent on me helping them .

A MyDepressionTeam Member said:

When your depression and anxiety is so extreme and you have exhausted all the meds out there. Believe me you will be begging for ECT for relief. Your life will depend on it. I have been there and ECT pulled me out of a living hell. I do not have any regrets. If you need them you will know.

posted almost 3 years ago
A MyDepressionTeam Member said:

Hmmm.... I've been through quite a few meds in the past . Some of them kept me " zombie like" and others made me so nervous I hated sitting next to me. Or they made my teeth itch and my hair " grow" .

Personally I wouldn't do the EXT ever . No way no how. Regardless of what they say. My answer would still be " no" I feel the same way about Lithium and Depakote

There are some meds that have a 24 hr cycle in your system , then there are those that can up to 2 weeks to get into your system.

Almost all of them will make you nauseated or have a stomach ache. If you've a sensitive stomach be prepared.

Right now I'm taking Cymbalta ( which is also used for pain, I take little to no pain meds for my back)
I'm on trazodone at night to sleep. It does it's job. I take ability for a mood stabilizer at night.
Hubby can tell when I haven't been taking it!

Oh and topamax and Wellbutrin

Pretty good for someone that started
out on 18 different meds per day huh?

I've taken Celexa and Lexapro I liked both of them. I was taken off of them because Doc wanted me to use Cymbalta.

Remember I'm not in the medical profession and everything I wrote is from my own personal experience.

Please be sure and ask many questions when you see your physician.

I hope this helps ....maybe a little(?)

posted almost 3 years ago
A MyDepressionTeam Member said:

Thank you for the info.

posted almost 3 years ago
A MyDepressionTeam Member said:

Went for my Drs appt today n just did mouth swab last Tuesday n my results are back already. The anti-depressant Latuda n Prozac Im on are not right for me. It showed I should be on Cymbalta. She took me off the Latuda n put me on a mood stabilizer called Invega till I see her again n 2 weeks then I will start the Cymbalta. Viewing that Gene test was very interesting. Its so nice to be able to look at that before she prescribes me anything.
I am disabled so i have Medicare/ Medicaid so they paid for it. Its not a blood test, just 2 cotton swabs from the inside of your mouth and thats all. Im so happy I got it done.😊

posted almost 3 years ago
A MyDepressionTeam Member said:

I just had something done called a gene test at my Drs. Office. Im also bi polar n suffer from OCD n PTSD and have bn on several different medication regiments and feel like a human guinea pig and like nothing works. Im struggling with that now. This gene test figures out which drugs your body responds well too, which drugs your body might respond too, and which drugs your body wont respond to at all. All I had to do was take two cotton swaps of the inside of my mouth and send it off to the lab. 2-3 weeks I should know something more concrete.

posted almost 3 years ago
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