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Anyone Having Doctor Problems?
A MyDepressionTeam Member asked a question πŸ’­

Does anyone else feel like it is a mission and a half to find a good doctor?

Over the past month, I have seen 4 different doctors and they are all contradicting each other and I feel like none of them take me seriously.

My latest one (the "best" one so far) put me on Pristiq for 2 weeks. After 5 days the side effects were so bad I passed out. I called her and talked to her, now she has this bad attitude that I didn't try hard enough.

She also won't give me any help for insomnia, except for… read more

posted October 1, 2016
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A MyDepressionTeam Member

Hey C10
Yes good doctors, as in all professions are hard to find, I'm afraid you just have to keep looking until you get one, then don't let go!
It took me a while but mine is fabulous and I've had her for for four years now,
Therapists, counsellors etc I've had many but I'm seeing a great counsellor now who truly understands what I'm going through and I am improving every week.
Stay positive and just keep going :) you will find one who understands I'm sure of it :) don't give up !
Hugh x

posted October 12, 2016
A MyDepressionTeam Member

I have had so many horrible psychiatrists, it's a nightmare. It takes a while to find the right one and one thing I have found is to advocate for yourself. For me, I am the one who makes the medication suggestions and whether I feel I need an increase or a decrease in the medication. I advocate for myself about it. If your doctor doesn't give an alternative, research yourself and find one to offer as a suggestion. I've had to do this dozens of times. Now, I go in and tell the doctor my ideas about medications to try and things like that. Some of them hate it, but they won't do their job otherwise. I do extensive research on medications as well to back myself up.

posted October 5, 2016
A MyDepressionTeam Member

That is exactly what I am going through now! Being treated like every other patient instead of being treated as me & for what I'VE been through.

posted March 22, 2017
A MyDepressionTeam Member

Alot of MD tend to be apprehensive about benzo..while my Psychiatrist isn't my fav..he did increase my benzos when my primary wouldn't. ..

posted October 2, 2016
A MyDepressionTeam Member

Find a new dr. This one is abusive. Yiu deserve better

posted December 24, 2021

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