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How do you stay motivated when you are feeling low?

A few months ago, I started exercising three or four times a week doing activities that I enjoyed, including swimming and yoga. This was partially to counteract the weight I have gained since starting a new job in a sweet-making factory, but also because I have heard many times that exercise can be good for depression.
All was well for the first couple of months, but recently I have found myself lacking motivation and not wanting to exercise at all. I was… read more

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posted about 1 year ago by A MyDepressionTeam User

Good advice Elizabeth! Also, I usually find if I make myself go to the gym, after I get into it, I really start to enjoy. REa

posted about 1 year ago

Read that exercise is as good as an antidepreesant. Has been my experience. Teddy

posted about 1 year ago

It so amaze me how the symptoms and the cures differ from one individual to another. I exercice Three Times a week and yet it has no impact on my… read more

posted about 1 year ago

Trouble is to get over depression you need to do stuff. To do stuff you need motivation. Depression reduces motivation. So you dont do stuff. So… read more

posted about 1 year ago

Exercise is great, but @A MyDepressionTeam User is right. The motivation, or lack of it, is tough to overcome. What I've found useful is giving myself… read more

posted about 1 year ago

I personally haven't found that answer out yet. I have had depression un-diagnosed while i was growing up til adulthood when i was diagnosed with it so… read more

posted 12 months ago

I think exercising is like pushing a wheel. At first it is difficult, but once it gets rolling it is invigorating. Sometimes I just make myself go to… read more

posted 11 months ago

Everyone who is exercising u don't need to exercise every day to get where you want to be.becouse if you exercise every day u r going to want to just… read more

posted 8 months ago

New exercise apparel / equipment always excites me. It can be costly but it can push me forward during my mental slumps / physical plateaus. Also, try… read more

posted 8 months ago

For me, when exercise was not enough or lost its luster, I made a specific, high-achievement goal. First, I decided I wanted to be the strongest in my… read more

posted 6 months ago
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