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Antidepressants Withdrawal

Antidepressants Withdrawal

I am Mike, I came off my pristiq 1/4 by my doctor, then I feel like zombie. But now I am eating for five weeks. And added zoloft last month 28th. Now I nothing want. Emotion numb. My mind fully empty. I am scare that I will develop schizophrenia negative symptoms after antidepressants withdrawal.

A MyDepressionTeam Member said:

Hi Mike. I see you are in withdrawl, and it is not fun, I am sorry. I would think that if you called the Dr, or on call Dr, they would help you. I don't know those meds well enough to help with that, but remember someoneis at the end of your phone 24/7. I fyou don't want to do that, come here and talk to someone here. i wish you peace night. I hope you are able to ge tsome sleep.Son't worry, we are all here with you

posted about 2 months ago
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