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not question just saying, cry loads with pain from fybromalgia in both shoulders down to hands, cannot lift arms or hardly move them, am on strongest pain killers can have....have been housebound over a year but people could visit but not now, do have helpers each day, xx

A MyDepressionTeam Member said:

I’ve had fibromyalgia for almost a decade now, and can understand how painful life can be. I was taking up to 15 pills at one time and the side effects were worse than the symptoms. I got off everything and started taking a different approach...I smoke marijuana, use essential oils and practice mindfulness as we know that fibromyalgia is psychosomatic. I still have times where I struggle with pain but I’m able to still live a full life.

edited, originally posted 5 months ago
A MyDepressionTeam Member said:

not sure if you guys know about this or not, so just putting it out there just in case you do not. There is also a MyFibromyalgiaTeam.

posted 3 months ago
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