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Medication increased dose making me sleep all day

Medication increased dose making me sleep all day

Hi I just wanted some input on what happened with my old psychiatrist as it's really bothering me. Four weeks after my dose was increased I started to get more and more sleepy and tired to the point that I was bedridden most of the day. I also felt weak and dizzy like you do when you have a flu, but I'm certain I didn't have a virus or anything like that as this has happened to me before when I've been on too high a dose. I was like this for a week and basically… read more

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A MyDepressionTeam Member said:

I have had to give meds 2 to 4 weeks to work effectivly or find out they weren’t the right meds for me. It’s no fun becuz I would go to my Dr each time… read more

posted 4 months ago
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