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Ketamine - Anyone In Remission

A MyDepressionTeam Member asked a question 💭

I've been researching ketamine and would love to know if anyone in the group had their depression go into remission. The literature says it's possible but I want to hear first hand from people who have tried it.

I noticed a few posts about ketamine in the past but nothing recent. Anyone care to share their experiences?

posted November 13, 2018
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A MyDepressionTeam Member

I have had two rounds of ketamine. The first, a series of six in 2015, and again this summer, an additional 7 treatments. I have an appointment tomorrow for a booster. Ketamine saved me when nothing else worked, and I’ve tried about everything, including ECT, twice, which was horrific. I know that sounds dramatic, and it is. This last time, I did some extra research, and found some studies suggesting adding lithium can make a noticeable improvement. Asked by doc, and he said go ahead, as did the ketamine clinic. I am a huge fan. I would be happy to chat with you or anyone else about it.


posted November 14, 2018
A MyDepressionTeam Member

Ketamine saved my life, 28 years of trying other antidepressants, without sucsess, i feel soo much better!

posted March 19, 2019
A MyDepressionTeam Member

@A MyDepressionTeam Member the clinic near me has financing for it thru CareCredit.

posted December 1, 2018
A MyDepressionTeam Member

Absolutely, I have had several treatments, now when I feel the depression sneaking up I call right away to make an appointment, definitely come up with the money somehow to get the treatments.

posted July 27, 2020
A MyDepressionTeam Member

@A MyDepressionTeam Member wow, just wow! You were stable for over 2 years with just one round of treatment. This is amazing!

If you'd taken the boosters, would you have not needed the 7 more this summer? I'd love to chat more about this. I'm strongly considering taking out a loan to have it done. Once the depression is gone I'll be able to get a good job and pay the loan off.

posted November 15, 2018

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