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Anti Anxiety Medication

A MyDepressionTeam Member asked a question 💭

What is the best one out there.

posted October 7, 2018
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A MyDepressionTeam Member

I think Wellbutrin can raise anxiety. I love it for an antidepressant -- can't function without it. I take klonopin along with gabapentin for anxiety. I've taken Zoloft and buspar for anxiety and they didn't work for me. Everybody handles medication so differently.

posted October 20, 2018
A MyDepressionTeam Member

@A MyDepressionTeam Member. I’ve heard that about Wellbutrin from other people.

posted October 13, 2018
A MyDepressionTeam Member

I take adavan 3 x4 a day it works very well for me!!

posted October 9, 2018
A MyDepressionTeam Member

I'm on Klonopin. I've been on almost everything this one works well for me

posted October 7, 2018
A MyDepressionTeam Member

I had the best outcome from xanax, although I've only tried one other, buspirone. But we can't tell you what one will be good for you, based on your other meds,, physical health, etc. I think it is a matter of trial and error, I wish you the best that your doctor can provide for you.

@A MyDepressionTeam Member

posted October 7, 2018

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