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How Do You Get Through And Be Productive If Your Desire To Try Is Gone And You Feel Nothing?

How Do You Get Through And Be Productive If Your Desire To Try Is Gone And You Feel Nothing?

I have lost my desire to live. I'm not suicidal, but thoughts of my death sits on my mind like a jack in the box waiting to spring into action.
I am unemployed and with financial struggles, feel the pressure of getting a job overwhelming. i feel like I'm not able to commit to anything because I will fail. My depression takes over, my body hurts and I'm not able to get out of bed. I would just end up losing whatever job I… read more

A MyDepressionTeam Member said:

I really believe they do not truly understand. I don't think anyone can understand unless they have this illness. Two good wake up calls, I hope, with Kate Spayd and Anthony Bourdain. Two people who everyone thought had it all, yet the demons were inside and caught them.

posted about 2 years ago
A MyDepressionTeam Member said:

HI there try med's but take care on what the yr Dr is giving you because it can take a toll on you as well with the side effects and dosage, also please don't make the mistake I did , get a therapist asap ..if yr not able to work due to yr depression don't beat yr self up .. make you let yr Dr and therapist know how yr job causes you anxiety and depression. .so that you have a paper trail and can get disability. .
When there's depression in the home the whole family is affected. . Please don't be ashamed of yrslef .. it's a,sad thing that's happening and no one's fault most of all yrs ..
A bit of advice.
Please find the strength to hug yr family and tell them every day you love them ..
More than anything if I could have at least done that in my dark days I think I would feel a bit better. .

posted almost 3 years ago
A MyDepressionTeam Member said:

Awww hugs sweetie it's so hard and takes so much energy to get up and moving I understand completely.
All I can say is if you don't get up and do a little everyday you'll feel worse and lose even more will to live. Don't let this condition beat you, you are a string courageous women and you'll win with flying colours.

edited, originally posted over 1 year ago
A MyDepressionTeam Member said:

I too battle with many mental illness' but am here to tell you there is hope out there. they tried me on atleast 20 pills before they found out that the combination of good old Prozac and abilify in high dosages helped pull me out of my blues. I'm not saying the worlds a bed of roses now-I still have hard times and struggles but it's really helped and given me hope for a future-a real future....and getting therapy has helped me with past abuse issues-so it may take both (meds and therapy) and a while to find the right meds but there's a rainbow after every rainstorm-just give it time

posted almost 3 years ago
A MyDepressionTeam Member said:

I know these feelings well and it’s differcult to talk to the people closest to you, I find know to days are the same meds don’t always work and those that do make you feel like a zombie all I can say is take one day at a time if you have a bad day don’t beat yourself up about it just try the next day but also get some help none of use can deal with this alone I have had depression since I was 11 yrs old and had one of my worst episodes 6 yrs ago when I lost my mum and had a stroke all in the same week I thought I had enough of this life but I’m in a better place now but I had to get help I still have bad days but it helps to talk .

posted over 2 years ago
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