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A MyDepressionTeam Member asked a question 💭

What is a good medication to take with cymbalta for anxiety?

posted August 29, 2017
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A MyDepressionTeam Member

I recently switched from Xanax to Valium because Xanax has a short term half life where as Valium is 40 hours therefore causing no rebound anxiety. I had been on Xanax for 30 years for accute severe anxiety disorder along with an anti-depressant.
The combo of Cymbalta & .5 mg of Valium 3x daily has been a complete life saver for me. I have felt better in the past 3 month than I have in 30 years!! As I'm sure you know it takes a multitude of trial and error to find that magic combo of meds that helps you. I suggest asking your doctor about Valium for anxiety in addition to your Cymbalta. I have no drowsiness, but am sleeping 8 hours straight at night without waking up once. I havnt been able to do this in 10 years +!! Best of luck to you!!
Just keep will get the right combo for you.

posted September 16, 2017
A MyDepressionTeam Member

Thanks Dondo! I know Ive had this since I was in high school 1974. Its better sometimes but I just want to live my life the way I am supposed to! No more fear! Im not getting any younger! I feel like ive only been living half of what i could have been. it sucks!

posted September 11, 2017
A MyDepressionTeam Member

I take kolonopin with Cymbalta

posted March 5, 2022
A MyDepressionTeam Member

I take kolonopin with cymbalta.

posted February 24, 2022
A MyDepressionTeam Member

Thank you so much!

posted September 20, 2017

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A MyDepressionTeam Member asked a question 💭
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Does Anyone Take A Combination Of 2 Or 3 Or More, Of Medications?
A MyDepressionTeam Member asked a question 💭
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