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The Fisher Wallace Stimulator is a device cleared by the FDA to treat depression, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain.

What does it involve?
The Fisher Wallace Stimulator is a small, handheld, battery-powered device that connects to a headset. The device stimulates the brain with gentle electrical impulses in 20-minute sessions. The device is used twice a day for at least 30 days. If depression symptoms stop, the device is then used two or three times a week to maintain improvement.

Intended Outcomes
The Fisher Wallace Stimulator has been found effective in treating depression symptoms in some people who found antidepressant medications ineffective.

Rarely, the Fisher Wallace Stimulator may cause mild headache or wakefulness immediately after use. If the electrodes in the headset are not thoroughly wet before use, the skin beneath them may be slightly irritated.

While some health insurance plans reimburse the cost of the Fisher Wallace Stimulator if it is prescribed for pain, many insurance providers do not reimburse the cost if it is prescribed for depression, anxiety, or insomnia alone. The device can be expensive if purchased without insurance reimbursement.

For more information about this treatment, visit:
Fisher Wallace Stimulator – Fisher Wallace Laboratories

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