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Do i deserve such horrible treatment.

I gave my life to a Community Centre and volunteered their 4 - 5 days per week.. Over the course of 3+ yrs i earned the respect & reputation of my community, workmates and clients. Over the same period i had 5 different roles within the centre (all supervisory & coordinator positions) & all VOLUNTARY. I also completed the required studies to make this a career (Dip in Comm Serv) .

In October 2015 the manager was told (by another volunteer & close friend of… read more

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No you don't deserve horrible treatment. Nobody does. Unfortunately lies spread quicker than the truth, bit you and everybody who genuinely is your… read more

posted over 1 year ago

This sounds terrible, and you definitely don't deserve to be treated like this, but I would say your the bigger person, rise above it, don't let it… read more

posted over 1 year ago

Thanks for your feedback @A MyDepressionTeam User @A MyDepressionTeam User . I appreciate it.

Still can't believe the Manager of this Community centre… read more

posted over 1 year ago

Those people who have stood by you through this rotten time....Well, they are the real people that count not the haters!! I suffered bullying in the… read more

posted over 1 year ago

God, I hate people. They're so evil.

posted over 1 year ago

People Suck Not All People But Some Do!

posted about 1 year ago

No you deserve to feel that type of pain and that centers manager really seems like they have a problem and that was there intent to crush you and they… read more

posted about 2 months ago
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